Information for selling your book at McWha Book Store


The bookstore sells local author books on consignment for a 70/30 percentage


Authors provides:

  • additional advertising – contact your local newspaper and/or radio stations

Temple Telegram

Killeen Daily Herald

Belton Journal



McWha Book Store provides advertising in:

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Local newspapers –

Temple Telegram – Amusement Section –

                        Killeen Daily Herald – Events section –

                        Belton Journal – News section –



Belton downtown Market Day is the 3rd Saturday of every month and is a good time to have a signing.



McWha Book Store

114 Central

Belton TX 76513


New Year


Local author/
radio talk show host/
and musician
Lynn Woolley
Amber Gabriel
local author 
romance series
"We must bring the presence of God into our families.  And how do we do that?
By praying."
Mother Teresa

Store Hours:

Tue-Fri 10 to 5  

Sat 10 to 4    

Closed Sun and Mon


Located in downtown Belton, Texas


100's of books in every genre


Books are half price


Used books in very good condition


Local authors are welcome to promote their books


In-store credit given on gently used books

McWha Book Store

114 E. Central

Belton, Texas 76513