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Bookstore History

The Book Exchange was the first used bookstore in downtown Belton Texas.  It was started in 1997 and was located at 603 E. Central between Texins Insurance and LJZ Gunsmith.  The owners were Charles and Pilyoung Grisham.   


Charles retired from the Army and started the bookstore because of his library science experience and love of books.  Their selection of books was very large with books in every genre. The little building was packed from the floor to ceiling with books.  Charles built shelves to fit the little building and Pilyoung created a friendly atmosphere and their daughter Onnie helped to shelve books and organize.  It was a unique little place.


There was a flood in 2010 at the lower end of Central.  This flood and failing health caused the Grishams to sell their business.  Ken and Roxane McWha bought their inventory in 2010 and changed the name of the store to McWha Book Store.   


Quickly business and inventory outgrew the building at 603 Central.  It was time to find a larger building and move to another location.  The McWha's found a perfect building with the help of a good realtor Jack Folsom.  The building is located at 114 Central in downtown Belton Texas across from the Bell County Courthouse. Unfortunately, the building needed a lot of TLC.  Ken and Roxane worked hard to move the bookstore and update the old building by cleaning and painting and building new shelves.  It was a huge task but we had help from family and friends. 

And thanks to customers who have been so kind to generously trade lots and lots of books with McWha Book Store. 


The McWha's are so happy to serve the community and be a part of downtown Belton Texas. 


So many books - so little time.


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